IP Quality Check Script

Supported OS/Platform: Ubuntu | Debian | Linux Mint | Fedora | Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) | CentOS | Arch Linux | Manjaro | Alpine Linux | AlmaLinux | Rocky Linux

Support for bilingual Chinese and English languages
Support for IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack queries
Exquisite layout, intuitive display, multi-terminal single-screen optimized display, easy for screenshot sharing
Six major modules: basic information, IP type, risk score, risk factors, streaming media unlocking, mail server detection
Basic data sourced from Maxmind database
Risk information integration from multiple databases: IPinfo / ipregistry / ipapi / AbuseIPDB / IP2LOCATION / IPQS / DB-IP / SCAMALYTICS / IPWHOIS
Streaming media and AI services from multiple providers: TikTok / Disney+ / Netflix / Youtube / AmazonPrimeVideo / Spotify / ChatGPT unlocking and unlocking type detection
Multiple mail service providers: Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo / Apple / QQ / / AOL / GMX / / 163 / Sohu / Sina connectivity detection
IP address blacklist detection from 400+ databases


Default dual-stack detection:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place)

Only IPv4 results:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -4

Only IPv6 results:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -6

Specify network interface for detection:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -i eth0

Specify proxy server:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -x http://username:password@proxyserver:port
bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -x https://username:password@proxyserver:port
bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -x socks5://username:password@socksproxy:port

Select script language as English:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -l en

Basic information multilingual support:

bash <(curl -Ls IP.Check.Place) -l jp|es|de|fr|ru|pt

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