Technology lion management detection website construction tool complete one-click script.

Lion's Shell script tool for technology is a versatile script toolbox designed for VPS monitoring, testing, and management. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this tool can provide you with convenient solutions. It integrates the original Docker management function, allowing you to easily manage containerized applications. The LNMP website building solution can help you quickly build websites, with site optimization, defense, backup, and migration all included. It also integrates the installation and use of various system tool panels, making system maintenance easier. Our goal is to become the best VPS one-click script tool on the Internet, providing users with efficient and convenient technical support.


Install and download the tool for Debian/Ubuntu

apt update -y && apt install -y curl

Install and download the tool for CentOS

yum update && yum install curl

Use the one-click script

curl -sS -O && chmod +x && ./
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